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Environmentally friendly paper practices for Spring

Environmentally friendly paper practices for Spring

Did you know that you can be environmentally friendly by safe-guarding your sensitive information and also shredding your documents ?

The Sydney Document Shredding Service process is actually environmentally friendly and eliminates your paper trail in the process.

Approximately all of the material that is shred in our secure locations is recycled on a daily basis because we do our bit too.Books and Newspapers to shred in environmentally friendly initiative

Millions of tonnes of shreds that are fed into paper recycling has been produced by our team.

Documents are cross-shredded and reduced into tiny fragments.  They’re then transferred to a paper recycling facility where they will be recycled into new paper products.

Interestingly, each tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic meters of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy and 7000 gallons of water.

You can do your bit to ensure the paper you and your office no longer need gets to us.

The sensitive documents and information are securely destroyed to avoid consequences like identity theft and corporate espionage.

One of our number one tips for Spring Cleaning is to safely destroy sensitive documents so you are protected.

This is because the security of sensitive information is a global phenomenon and no matter the sensitivity of your documents, safe destroying is crucial for keeping safe.

The best way to safely destroy sensitive documents this spring is to use an experienced and reputable document shredding company like Sydney Shred.

We cross-shred the documents and reduce them into tiny fragments.  Then we transfer them to a paper recycling facility to be recycled into new paper products.

There’s lots of benefits

Feel good knowing you’re using an environmentally friendly service.  You will receive a Certificate of Destruction as legal proof all data has been completely and permanently destroyed.Environmentally friendly office space

You can also make this a whole office initiative with these easy tips:

  • Ensure staff and associated personnel are educated on the shredding policies in place and are also motivated to take part in the initiatives because you are helping your business become more environmentally friendly.
  • A ‘Shredding Hero’ award could be given out or acknowledgement at staff meetings. Show the workplace how the shredding collection process is going  to motivate employees to participate.
  • It has been found the location of your shredding bin has an influence on the rate of use. If your shredding bin is in an inconvenient location, it’s importance to your employees will be less.  Place your shredding in a place your employees will recognise.

We recommend you locate your shredding bin next to or close by to a general waste bin or other recycling bin. Employees will be inclined to make use of it as it is convenient to them.

Choosing Sydney Document Shredding Services to shred your sensitive documents and information makes environmental sense. Think of all the time employees could save from leaving tedious, time-consuming administrative work like shredding to the professionals.,

Eliminate the risks with regular shredding of all your sensitive documents. Sydney Document Shredding Service makes the process easy and cost-effective; with lockable security bins delivered to and from your premises by secure transport. Our comprehensive shredding process totally erases all data.

Phone us on 1800 001 044 to find out how we can remove the hassle and provide your workplace with our shredding service.



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