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The importance of destroying old uniforms

Uniforms associate an individual with the values of an organisation. But what happens when an employee is terminated and still wears the uniform?

In recent years, there has been a series of crimes committed by ex-employees still in uniform. Any individual wearing a brands uniform is associated with that brand.

The TOLL brand was damaged when a former employee was seen in uniform in a disorderly manner. A major client of the company cancelled their account. This impacted a major revenue stream for TOLL.

If your brands uniform falls into the wrong hands, it can impose a severe risk.

At Sydney Shred, we securely destroy uniforms. 

Here’s our top 3 reasons why old uniforms must be securely destroyed.

1. Brand Reputation

Whilst this can not only happen to current employees, the impact is usually more detrimental when it occurs with former employees. 

Should an employee hold a uniform after completion of a role, a public incident that is filmed or posted online can tarnish the brand reputation. Even employees with great history cannot be trusted to respect the company integrity. 

Brand reputation can be tarnished by a uniformed person engaging in a bar fight/incident, traffic incident, disorderly conduct or any political rally/protest.

2. Identity Theft

Not only can a uniform give someone the ability to steal a former employees identity, it also allows them to be associated with your company. This can mean they can engage with a regular supplier and place an order on the businesses behalf whilst in your branded uniform. Your business would be left to hold the bill by this simply identity theft technique.

3. Security Risk

For some businesses, simply wearing the uniform is secure enough to gain access to restricted areas. Especially on construction sites and medical facilities, it is very common for trust to be given to someone in uniform. This can be detrimental if the former employee gains access to your data, operations or equipment due to this security measure.

It is crucial to have a plan in place when turning over staff.

All ID Badges, Uniform items/apparel, branded merchandise and recognisable equipment should be secured and destroyed professionally. 

Avoid harm to your business reputation. We offer uniform destruction and strongly advise this for all companies who have a uniform. 

We do daily and weekly pickups across all of metropolitan Sydney. You can view our service areas here.

Please contact our team on 1800 001 044 for more information and to book a uniform destruction.

Shred, shred, shred! Is there a risk of doing it yourself?

When you shred yourself, it can be a tedious and risky process. An average office shredder seems like an inexpensive way to destroy confidential documents. The office shredder can be risky and more costly than you may think.

Failure to shred correctly, especially in a digital age is risky. Your office will be at risk of becoming victim to identity theft, fraud and other fraudulent crimes.

Office to shred
Office you could shred in

If you shred yourself, here’s the risks and hidden costs:

  1. A machine to shred, often called a shredder has a fixed, low up-front price tag. There are additional maintenance, replacement and cleaning costs. Shredding of large amounts of paper in-house can also produce a fine dust, affecting employee health.
  2. Office shredders can’t handle paper clips and staples. Documents need to also be arranged into easy to shred portions then manually fed into the paper shredder. The employees will also need to empty receptacles and clean up.
  3. A mistake when shredding can be detrimental. Office shredding often leaves the decisions on what to shred up to the employees. Negligence on an employees behalf can cause significant threat to information safety.
  4. When shredding is done in the office, the employees are responsible for the process. They often do not have training in document security, retention and disposal. There is also no proof of secure document destruction when shredding in-office.
  5. Paper can easily be pieced back together and increase the risk of a security breach.

Benefits to using a professional document shredding service:

  • Documents are removed from the workplace for shredding with industrial grade equipment so employees are not affected by fine dust.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided after every shred for audit purposes.
  • Staff are cleared to a minimum required by the National Police Records Check
  • No need to remove paper clips and staples
  • Documents are cross-shredded and destroyed and cannot be reassembled
  • All documents provided are disposed under strict guidelines.

Ready to protect your business?

We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

To learn more about how we can protect your documents and security, please contact us on 1800 001 044

Environmentally friendly paper practices for Spring

Did you know that you can be environmentally friendly by safe-guarding your sensitive information and also shredding your documents ?

The Sydney Document Shredding Service process is actually environmentally friendly and eliminates your paper trail in the process.

Approximately all of the material that is shred in our secure locations is recycled on a daily basis because we do our bit too.Books and Newspapers to shred in environmentally friendly initiative

Millions of tonnes of shreds that are fed into paper recycling has been produced by our team.

Documents are cross-shredded and reduced into tiny fragments.  They’re then transferred to a paper recycling facility where they will be recycled into new paper products.

Interestingly, each tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic meters of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy and 7000 gallons of water.

You can do your bit to ensure the paper you and your office no longer need gets to us.

The sensitive documents and information are securely destroyed to avoid consequences like identity theft and corporate espionage.

One of our number one tips for Spring Cleaning is to safely destroy sensitive documents so you are protected.

This is because the security of sensitive information is a global phenomenon and no matter the sensitivity of your documents, safe destroying is crucial for keeping safe. The best way to safely destroy sensitive documents this spring is to use an experienced and reputable document shredding company like Sydney Shred.

We cross-shred the documents and reduce them into tiny fragments.  Then we transfer them to a paper recycling facility to be recycled into new paper products.

There’s lots of benefits

Feel good knowing you’re using an environmentally friendly service.  You will receive a Certificate of Destruction as legal proof all data has been completely and permanently destroyed.Environmentally friendly office space

You can also make this a whole office initiative with these easy tips:

  • Ensure staff and associated personnel are educated on the shredding policies in place and are also motivated to take part in the initiatives because you are helping your business become more environmentally friendly.
  • A ‘Shredding Hero’ award could be given out or acknowledgement at staff meetings. Show the workplace how the shredding collection process is going  to motivate employees to participate.
  • It has been found the location of your shredding bin has an influence on the rate of use. If your shredding bin is in an inconvenient location, it’s importance to your employees will be less.  Place your shredding in a place your employees will recognise.

We recommend you locate your shredding bin next to or close by to a general waste bin or other recycling bin. Employees will be inclined to make use of it as it is convenient to them.

Choosing Sydney Document Shredding Services to shred your sensitive documents and information makes environmental sense. Think of all the time employees could save from leaving tedious, time-consuming administrative work like shredding to the professionals.,

Eliminate the risks with regular shredding of all your sensitive documents. Sydney Document Shredding Service makes the process easy and cost-effective; with lockable security bins delivered to and from your premises by secure transport. Our comprehensive shredding process totally erases all data.

Phone us on 1800 001 044 to find out how we can remove the hassle and provide your workplace with our shredding service.


Clean Up Your End of Financial Year Frustration

Picture this, it’s the end of financial year and most of the heavy lifting in meeting your end of year reporting obligations is behind you. Yet one final figure is missing. You’ve searched the sea of emails in your inbox. You’ve scanned the unwieldy share directory. Even rustled through the pile of files on your desk and painstakingly filtered through endless compactor shelves looking for the elusive file.

While the figure will eventually be found, it will bring into focus the benefits to the business of having a post financial year clean up. An office clean up makes good business sense for a number of reasons:

  • Staff Productivity – Studies show staff are 50% times more productive in a clean and orderly workplace1. Ensuring there is order and that clutter is reduced both physically and digitally can reap productivity gains.
  • Employee heath – Two-thirds of office-based employees are at risk of illness by not cleaning their desks properly2. Establishing a clear desk policy and making simple cleaning equipment like disinfectant spray and wet wipes available will create a culture of cleanliness.
  • Security – Financial and employee data left out in the open (or on printers) during significant reporting periods is a risk. Having a safe and secure means of storing files and shredding waste paper improves privacy and reduces the risk of exposure to fraud.

Bring your office back in to order after tax time and take advantage of the benefits of an end of financial year reset.

Eliminate the risks with regular shredding of all your sensitive documents. Sydney Document Shredding Service makes the process easy and cost-effective; with lockable security bins delivered to and from your premises by secure transport. Our comprehensive shredding process totally erases all data.

Phone us today on 1800 001 044 and let us tailor a document destruction solution to suit your needs.



Top 5 documents you may not be shredding

To avoid identity theft, many people are careful with the secure disposal of their sensitive documents like bank or credit card statements. Shredding these papers properly ensures discarded documents don’t fall into the wrong hands. However, even the most vigilant of people may still be tossing documents which thieves can use to stitch together an identity. Leaving an unsuspecting victim exposed to fraud.

Up to 75% of Australian’s throw away documents which could be used to steal their identity1. Identity theft is growing in Australia and costs the nation over $1.6 billion each year2. Many Australian’s fear identity theft although, as with cybercrime, many of us are simply not aware of our behaviours that leave us vulnerable.

Apart from the obvious financial statements, photo IDs and payslips, the following documents commonly catch many unaware:

  1. Airline boarding passes – Useless to you after your flight, but criminals can scan the information hidden behind barcodes to reveal vital information.
  2. Medical records – apart from pure privacy, medical records reveal intimate details, doctors and medicare information.
  3. ATM receipts – these may clog your wallet but the valuable transaction data can be used against you.
  4. Phone and Electricity bills – while simply bills to you, it is a form of identity to thieves.
  5. Junk mail – Even personalised junk mail, particularly those offering credit card deals can be lucrative to fraudsters.

Being diligent with proper disposal of all your personal paperwork will help prevent fraud. Make sure to add these documents to what should be a regular document disposal process. And, keep all your documents secure until you do.

Eliminate the risks with regular shredding of all your sensitive documents. Sydney Document Shredding Service makes the process easy and cost-effective; with lockable security bins delivered to and from your premises by secure transport. Our comprehensive shredding process totally erases all data.

Phone us today on 1800 001 044 and let us tailor a document destruction solution to suit your needs.


  1. Newspoll Survey 2010
  2. Australian Federal Police: Identity Crime

Recycle or shred? Have the best of both worlds!

Recycling waste paper plays an important role in reducing our ecological footprint. More recycling means fewer trees being cut down to produce new paper, as well as keeping paper out of landfill.

While council recycling bins provide a simple way to dispose of paper documents, they are far from an ideal solution. For a start, can it be guaranteed that paper deposited in the yellow-lid bin necessarily destined for recycling? Problems with Australia’s recycling system have recently been in the news, with overseas processors increasingly unwilling to accept our waste. This has led to more paper ending up in landfill where it becomes an ecological time bomb, releasing greenhouse gas as it decomposes.

Then there is the issue of security. Secure handling of material is not a feature of council recycling programs, so disposing of sensitive documents in standard recycling bins is highly risky. Private data could easily end up in the wrong hands, leaving you and your customers exposed to the danger of identity theft.

The best way to ensure paper documents are responsibly and securely disposed of, is to use a professional document-destruction service. Sydney Document Shredding Service has 28 years experience in securely destroying all types of documents for both individuals and organisations. Our security is second to none, with all staff handling documents checked to a minimum of a National Police Record Check. From the moment you entrust your sensitive documents to us, they are in safe hands.

All paper documents are comprehensively shredded into tiny fragments, then transferred to a recycling plant where they are used to produce recycled paper products, safeguarding your privacy and the environment.

Phone us today on 1800 001 044 and let us tailor a secure and ecologically responsible document-destruction solution for you.

Paper, not going anywhere!

For decades we’ve been told the era of the ‘paperless office’ is just around the corner. However, while huge amounts of data are now stored on digital platforms, and email has become a major form of communication, it seems paper documents will still be with us for some time to come.

One main factor is that on-screen reading for many people is simply not as easy as reading printed material. A recent survey in the US reported that 70% of consumers found it easier to manage their finances with printed documents, while 65% preferred to receive both digital and hard-copy versions of important documents like bank statements. Even people who opt to receive digital documents often print them out, either for more convenient reading or to file away.

With large numbers of paper documents still being received and stored, security remains a major issue. Consider the kinds of documents likely to arrive via ‘snail mail’: bank and credit card statements, driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies, council rates, details of shareholdings, expired passports — just the sort of material criminals look for when constructing fraudulent identities.

What about old photos you might throw in the bin? Your image is also a major part of your identity.

In the age of identity theft, preventing sensitive paper documents from falling into the wrong hands is more important than ever. When documents are no longer needed, how can you ensure they are securely and completely destroyed?

Eliminate the risks with regular shredding of sensitive documents. Sydney Document Shredding Service makes the process easy and cost-effective; with lockable security bins delivered to and from your premises by secure transport. Our comprehensive shredding process totally erases all data.

Phone us today on 1800 001 044 and let us tailor a document destruction solution to suit your needs.

Don’t let your business get shredded by privacy laws!

The way businesses, government and other organisations deal with private data is a hot-button issue these days. With crimes like identity theft on the rise it’s no wonder the public is concerned about how their data is handled. One slip-up with a customer’s sensitive information might not only be a PR disaster, but also lead to serious legal consequences.

The handling of confidential information in Australia is regulated by the Australian Privacy Act (APA). Breaches of the law can result in fines up to a maximum of $420,000. While most businesses with a turnover below $3 million are not directly subject to the APA, any organisation that handles private information should conform to the Act to protect itself and its customers.

The APA stipulates that any private data that is no longer required must be completely erased. Sydney Document Shredding Service has been a leading name in document destruction since 1990. We can take the hassle out of this process, leaving you to concentrate on what’s important — running your business!

At every step of the process your security is our top priority. All staff involved in handling documents are cleared to a minimum of a National Police Records Check. Our 240-litre lockable Security Bins (minimum order of two) are delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport. All of our disposal facilities have been thoroughly investigated and approved to an accredited security level.

Our destruction process leaves nothing to chance. Comprehensive cross-shredding followed by final recycling means all data is totally erased. Our Certificate of Destruction guarantees it.

Don’t put your business at risk when it comes to document destruction. Phone us today on 1800 001 044 to book a bin delivery and document destruction service.

Office decluttering made easy – and secure!

A workspace with loose documents is not only unsightly and inefficient. With identity theft and corporate espionage on the rise it’s also a security hazard. Now is a great time to declutter and get rid of unwanted documents the smart – and secure – way.

Step 1: Go Through It

Examine each document and decide if it’s a keeper or can be discarded. Some documents need to be kept for a certain period of time. Documents supporting tax returns, for example, must be retained for five years. Once a document’s ‘use by date’ expires, get rid of it.

Step 2: Go Digital

Scanning documents and storing digitally is a great way to bust clutter. Cloud services like Google Drive offer instant and reliable access to documents, with no worries about hard-disk failures.

Step 3: Get Organised

Creating a logical filing system lets you store and retrieve documents quickly. For tips check out this site:

Once you’re organised, make a daily workspace tidy-up part of your routine. Then once a month go through storage areas eliminating clutter and filing important documents.

Step 4: Securely destroy unwanted documents

Now you’ve busted that cluttered workspace you’ll have documents that need to be destroyed. Ensure sensitive data is completely erased with an experienced and professional document destruction service.

Sydney Document Shredding Service is a trusted name in secure document disposal. Our 240-litre lockable Security Bins (minimum order of two) are delivered to and picked up from your premises by secure transport, either on a one-off basis or as part of a scheduled service. All documents are taken to one of our secure facilities where they are comprehensively cross-shredded into tiny fragments, then transferred to a recycling facility for final, total destruction. At the end of the process you receive a Certificate of Destruction, your guarantee that all data has been completely destroyed.

Phone us today on 1800 001 044 to find out how easy and cost-effective secure document destruction can be.

The pitfalls of DIY document destruction

You’ve no doubt seen them – those temptingly inexpensive shredding machines sold by office equipment suppliers. Perhaps you’ve thought: ‘When it comes to destroying sensitive documents why not just go with one of these machines and a DIY solution? We’ll save a bundle!’

But there are several compelling reasons you should not go down the DIY path when it comes to destroying sensitive documents.

  1. Security: Ensuring secure document destruction requires more than just a shredding machine and a recycling bin. When you engage a reputable document-shredding service you get the piece of mind of knowing they have the experience and procedures to ensure total security for destroying sensitive documents, from the moment they enter the locked bin to the moment they are completely destroyed.
  2. Compliance: Destruction of sensitive documents is subject to government regulation. Would your DIY document shredding meet these requirements? A specialist document-shredding service will operate in full compliance with relevant regulations, freeing you from compliance worries.
  3. Productivity: A document shredder doesn’t run itself. It needs an operator. To ensure competence,  security and compliance, that operator will need to be trained, and to devote work time to document shredding. If you need to dispose of large numbers of documents the time required could be considerable. Leaving document shredding to a dedicated, professional service means you and your staff can focus on more productive aspects of your business.
  4. Customer confidence: Imagine yourself as a customer of your business. Which would you prefer to deal with: a company with a DIY shredding process, or one that uses a professional, secure, fully compliant document shredding service? Now consider how you would explain to customers your decision to go with a DIY option when it comes to their sensitive information.

Consider all these factors and it’s clear DIY document shredding is false economy!

Sydney Document Shredding Service guarantees complete document destruction, secure disposal and a certificate of destruction for each document shredding service.

We can meet the needs of any business, whatever your size. To find out more or to book a collection, call us today on 1800 001 044.