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The pitfalls of DIY document destruction

You’ve no doubt seen them – those temptingly inexpensive shredding machines sold by office equipment suppliers. Perhaps you’ve thought: ‘When it comes to destroying sensitive documents why not just go with one of these machines and a DIY solution? We’ll save a bundle!’

But there are several compelling reasons you should not go down the DIY path when it comes to destroying sensitive documents.

  1. Security: Ensuring secure document destruction requires more than just a shredding machine and a recycling bin. When you engage a reputable document-shredding service you get the piece of mind of knowing they have the experience and procedures to ensure total security for destroying sensitive documents, from the moment they enter the locked bin to the moment they are completely destroyed.
  2. Compliance: Destruction of sensitive documents is subject to government regulation. Would your DIY document shredding meet these requirements? A specialist document-shredding service will operate in full compliance with relevant regulations, freeing you from compliance worries.
  3. Productivity: A document shredder doesn’t run itself. It needs an operator. To ensure competence,  security and compliance, that operator will need to be trained, and to devote work time to document shredding. If you need to dispose of large numbers of documents the time required could be considerable. Leaving document shredding to a dedicated, professional service means you and your staff can focus on more productive aspects of your business.
  4. Customer confidence: Imagine yourself as a customer of your business. Which would you prefer to deal with: a company with a DIY shredding process, or one that uses a professional, secure, fully compliant document shredding service? Now consider how you would explain to customers your decision to go with a DIY option when it comes to their sensitive information.

Consider all these factors and it’s clear DIY document shredding is false economy!

Sydney Document Shredding Service guarantees complete document destruction, secure disposal and a certificate of destruction for each document shredding service.

We can meet the needs of any business, whatever your size. To find out more or to book a collection, call us today on 1800 001 044.

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