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Paper, not going anywhere!

Paper, not going anywhere!

For decades we’ve been told the era of the ‘paperless office’ is just around the corner. However, while huge amounts of data are now stored on digital platforms, and email has become a major form of communication, it seems paper documents will still be with us for some time to come.

One main factor is that on-screen reading for many people is simply not as easy as reading printed material. A recent survey in the US reported that 70% of consumers found it easier to manage their finances with printed documents, while 65% preferred to receive both digital and hard-copy versions of important documents like bank statements. Even people who opt to receive digital documents often print them out, either for more convenient reading or to file away.

With large numbers of paper documents still being received and stored, security remains a major issue. Consider the kinds of documents likely to arrive via ‘snail mail’: bank and credit card statements, driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies, council rates, details of shareholdings, expired passports — just the sort of material criminals look for when constructing fraudulent identities.

What about old photos you might throw in the bin? Your image is also a major part of your identity.

In the age of identity theft, preventing sensitive paper documents from falling into the wrong hands is more important than ever. When documents are no longer needed, how can you ensure they are securely and completely destroyed?

Eliminate the risks with regular shredding of sensitive documents. Sydney Document Shredding Service makes the process easy and cost-effective; with lockable security bins delivered to and from your premises by secure transport. Our comprehensive shredding process totally erases all data.

Phone us today on 1800 001 044 and let us tailor a document destruction solution to suit your needs.

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