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How to dispose of paper documents. Paper sitting by the printer

Most security data breaches we hear about today are related to online hackers accessing personal records including credit card details, dates of birth, personal passwords and even home addresses. Kmart, David Jones and Gumtree have all recently fallen victim to this type of cybercrime, with thousands of their customers’ details getting into the wrong hands.

Although we have moved to paperless options for many things in today’s world, paper records have not been completely phased out yet. As a result, documents are still being stolen out of office waste paper bins, staff members’ bags and even direct from printers. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that stolen paper records still account for up to 31% of security breaches. With statistics like this, ensuring your confidential business records are kept secure, is of extremely high importance.

To keep sensitive information of your clients and business safe there are steps to take within your workplace to dispose of paper documents confidentially.
Order a security bin supply and pick up service. Place the lockable bins throughout your work space and ensure everyone knows what to put inside.
Make a list of which documents are to be disposed of confidentially and display around the workplace, including near the security bins.
Train staff on which documents are to be kept confidential and how to dispose of them correctly and securely using the security disposal bins. Also enforce the importance of not leaving paperwork lying around on desks, photocopiers or in or near printers.
Keep your paperwork from becoming a paper trail for criminals with Sydney Shred. We will provide secure paper shredding and document destruction for your business including a security bin supply and pick up service. Sydney Shred serves many areas in the Sydney metro region including Sydney CBD, Randwick, Parramatta, Dee Why, Liverpool and Cronulla.


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